Alla Bashenko

Poetry for adults and children
«...I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.»
«The Road Not Taken» By Robert Frost


«Somewhere far away, in a distant corner of the world,
As he comes to a major cross-roads,
A man who is reading poetry
Will feel just a little less lonely...»

Alla Bashenko was Born in Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated from one of the world's top universities, Brown University in the USA, with one of her diplomas in Literature. Whilst her career took on a different path to arts & humanities, resulting in over 20 year long career in major international investment banks where at different points in time Alla had worked with North and South America, Asia, EMEA and emerging markets, Alla has always retained her passion for poetry and has kept on writing. It was the birth of Alla's son that became the catalyst to her first published works, a children's book "The Magic World" and "Violet Dreams" - a book of poetry for adults, both published in 2013.

Both books are inspired by a very human notion - search for happiness. Children's poems “The Magic World" are full of zest of a happy childhood and youth. Nostalgic of the kind, these universally positive poems are filled with energy and spark of Alla's words. The characters of “The Magic World" come alive through the beauty of the language and freely flowing rhymes.

"Violet Dreams" is a search for a better world within oneself through poetry. Expressive writing with every word that touches, the book has a punctuated musical rhythm of deep, live feelings. Alla's second book of adult poetry "Atlantida-Atlantis" was published in 2014 featuring a whole new selection of highly worldly existential poetry.

Alla's first published works have inspired a number of collaborations in music and theatre. In 2015, actress and composer Alexia Mankovskaya wrote a number of romantic, nostalgic romances inspired by Alla's poetry. Electronic musical book version of "The Magic World" as well as musical CD were also released that year - with poems performed by a well known and loved actress Dina Korzun and complemented by fun sound effects and combination of classical and newly original music in the background, arranged by Alexia Mankovskaya. In 2016, Belgian musical artist Louis Franck released a new single and a video of his song “Violet Dreams” with lyrics by Alla. And in 2018 the world heard an entire album “Antlantida” where all the ultra modern mixed genre songs are written by Louis and Alla.

The beginning of 2019 was very productive for Alla’s creative endeavours. She published a 2nd edition of her book “Atlantida” with a new cover - a fragment of the art deco painting by a talented painter and Alla’s close childhood friend Julia Khandogy Vasilieva.

March 2019 was marked by the publication of a new book-album “Twisted Thread”, which combines poetry and artwork. It is the product of collaboration between Alla and a talented modern painter Sholpan Sharbakova, presenting deep synergies between Alla’s poetry and Sholpan’s abstract paintings. The book was nominated for a prestigious competition of published books Firebird, and is part of the inventory of the Central National Library in Moscow.

And in April 2019 the long awaited new book of poetry for children, “Around the World”, was born - joyful, colourful and innovative! The book is a travel diary of a curious young traveller, a boy called Zachary, the author’s son in real life, and the majority of poems is based on the family’s real travels and adventures. The book is beautifully illustrated in modern style, combining various artistic genres and collages.

2020, the year of the pandemic, will be remembered by Alla and her readers by the fact that she translated into English her books for children, which will soon be published for the enjoyment of the young citizens of the world globally. The stories took a form of the book for little readers entitled “On a Magical, Snowy, Star Filled Night... [The Journey Through the Seasons in Ukraine]”, and a series of books about travels for school age children “Around the World with Zak”. This has been followed by translations of Alla’s adult poetry also.

Alla writes in Russian and English, and speaks several languages. For her literary accomplishments, in 2014 Alla was accepted as a member to the prestigious Writers' Union of Moscow. She remains a keen entrepreneur, successful across various growing businesses and passionate about global digital transformation.

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