Alla Bashenko

Poetry for adults and children
«...I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.»
«The Road Not Taken» By Robert Frost


Theatre and Music


Alla Bashenko wrote lyrics to the music album "Atlantida" by a talented Belgian composer Louis Franck. This album is the first post-soviet album with many of the songs recorded in Russian by a foreign artist. Louis is an innovative interdisciplinary artist, talented composer and formerly the lead singer of "Esthetic Education" cult band.

The album's first single "Sirenevye Sny" (“Violet Dreams”) along with a video were released in 2016.

In 2018 the world heard the entire album “Atlantida”, available on Apple Music.

Musically Poetic Presentations

The presentation of Alla Bashenko’s first book of poetry for adults “Violet Dreams” was part of the programme of the International Literature Festival SLOVO 5. This musical and poetic evening featured Alla’s poetry read by the author and her friend, actress Dina Korzun. The audience also enjoyed musical performances and video collages of the songs written with Alla’s lyrics by artists Alexia Mankovskaya and Louis Franck.

Another exciting performance at the launch was the debut of Louis Franck’s song “How Bright is the Day” - performed unusually in a duet with his wife, well known actress Dina Korzun.

The debut of another song by Alla and Alexia Mankovskaya, "Circle of Love" took place at the 8th Russian-English Song Festival and International Contest at the historical Royal College of Music in London in April 2014.

The beginning of 2015 saw the presentation of Alla’s new book of adult poetry “Atlantida-Atlantis”, which became the finale of the International Literature Festival SLOVO 6 and featured the author and her creative soulmates, talented actors and artists, reading Alla’s poetry and singing songs with her lyrics. The event took place at one of London’s legendary music clubs, the stage of which hosted many famous performers, including Beatles.

And in the end of 2015, in Moscow, musician Oleg Sakmarov (bands Aquarium, Nautilus Pompilus, Colibri) revived the project initiated years ago by the cult philosopher, poet, artist and co-founder of the legendary Nautilus Pompilus band Ilya Kormiltsev. In context of Kormiltsev’s support of free poetry, the concert also featured a premier of theatrical musical performance of Alla Bashenko’s poetry from her book “Atlantida-Atlantis”, performed by theatre and movie actor Anton Belsky. The second part of the concert featured Alexia Mankovskaya, the late Ilya Kormiltsev’s wife, singing songs she has written with Alla’s lyrics.

Project for Kids

Alla’s book of children’s poetry “The Magic World” went electronic and became a musical audio book. The book’s characters come to life as they are performed by a well loved actress and philanthropist Dina Korzun, complemented by fun sound effects and combination of classical and new music written and arranged by Alexia Mankovskaya in the background.

Theatrical presentation of the “Magic World” to London’s kids took place as part of the programme of the International Literature Festival SLOVO 4 in 2013 at Waterstones Piccadilly. Joyful poems were performed by actress Dina Korzun in a colourful setting complimented by animator games. All proceeds from ticket and book sales were donated to the “Gift of Life” charity.

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